Are you being bought with a clever ad?

For 2010, Coca-Cola spent $267 million just to advertise Coke

Pepsi spent $154 million just to advertise Pepsi and another $113 million for Gatorade.

Dr. Pepper spent a mere $22 million for Snapple.

Pepsi’s total advertising budget that year was $1.01 billion.

Sure — sports drinks may help you increase your performance (under certain situations) but just make sure you are not being sucked into a great advertising campaign. 

These companies don’t care about your performance — they care about their bottom line….and are willing to spend big bucks to convince you their drink is necessary to your success.  In many cases, they are not

And it’s definately not necessary for you to be drinking all these beverages instead of water while you are at school, work, lounging around the house or training for less than an hour in moderate training environments.

Just remember — you can’t out-train a bad diet.

Source: Food Politics

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